Jay Whitacre


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Andrew Lewandowski

Vice President

Mr. Lewandowski founded the PROAPTIV Corporation in 1998.  Since its founding, Mr. Lewandowski has been responsible for all corporate and financial operations.  Mr. Lewandowski currently serves at the lead architect and engineer transforming a global and distributed architecture utilizing modern virtualization, enterprise class storage and remote computing solutions to move the architecture toward a regionalized and consolidated architecture (confidential government agency).

Prior to founding the PROAPTIV corporation, Mr. Lewandowski worked as a Systems Engineer for Klein Technologies where he served as the lead engineer on system interoperability issues and requirements utilizing Citrix and other interoperability products to deliver enterprise desktop/application solutions to users across varying system platforms (UNIX, Macintosh, Novell Netware, etc.).  Mr. Lewandowski also worked at Lockheed Martin where he was responsible for supporting mission critical mainframe and UNIX server implementations, managing 24/7 operations support teams and serving as LAN Administrator to a large Systems Integration office with the responsibility of managing the office’s LAN and providing technical consultation and support to its software development team.

Mr. Lewandowski earned a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Pittsburgh in 1991 and a M.S. in Information Systems Engineering from George Mason University in 1998.

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Michael Prevatte

Vice President

With over 23 years of systems and network engineering and technical consulting experience, Mr. Prevatte is responsible for business development and personnel management at the PROAPTIV Corporation.  He leads efforts to expand the reach of the business, identify new partnerships and to pursue new opportunities in both commercial and government markets. Mr. Prevatte currently serves as the engineering technical lead on a large scale government data center virtualization initiative for an Intelligence Community federal agency.

Mr. Prevatte has worked with numerous federal and commercial companies including startups and private Fortune 100 organizations in lead systems engineering and technical architect capacities.  He has a diverse and broad range of skills and experience covering architecture design, system and software engineering, technical project management, personnel management and business development.

Mr. Prevatte has studied electronics technology at Northern Virginia Community College and is a VMware Certified Professional on Virtual Infrastructure 3 and vSphere 4 (VCP3 and VCP4).

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Robert Knowles

Vice President

As the lead business developer for PROAPTIV, Mr. Knowles is responsible for coordinating business operations on existing client contracts and working with Government and prime contractors to identify, formulate and staff new business opportunities.  Mr. Knowles currently supports the execution of strategic projects for the Chief Technology Officer of Global Computing Services (GSC) and is passionate about the continued trend towards broader-scale server and desktop virtualization.

Prior to joining the PROAPTIV corporation, Mr. Knowles worked as an Assistant Vice President for SAIC in government  markets and worked as a Systems Engineer for Titan Systems.

Mr. Knowles earned a B.S. in Psychology from Alfred University in 1985 and a M.S. in Computer Science from George Mason University in 1992.  He holds the following certifications: Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), Enterprise Certified Novell Engineer (ECNE), Lotus Certified Notes Specialist (LCNS).

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