We focus on projects that align with our technical expertise and our passion for mission oriented results

Founded in 1998, PROAPTIV provides mission-enhancing technical services and tailored systems solutions to commercial and public sector clients. 

At PROAPTIV we believe that the most effective way to support our clients with quality, reliable and repeatable technical solutions is to focus on projects that align with our areas of passionate technical expertise.  We don’t engage projects that are of low strategic impact or are low in technical requirements or challenge just to chase profit.  We believe in only engaging projects that:

  1. Strategically impact the mission of our clients
  2. Align with the areas of passionate technical expertise of our team
  3. Contribute to our overall technical leadership
  4. Allow us to be an ongoing valued resource to clients and their future technology endeavors

PROAPTIV’S Core Project Philosophy

Through extensive domain knowledge and innovative and passionate technical experts who diligently stay at the forefront of advanced technology, PROAPTIV works with its clients to influence strategy and organizational change across the entire technology lifecycle from design to implementation and operation.  Regardless of the scope or focus of the mission at hand, PROAPTIV prides itself on developing trusted relationships that are built on honesty, integrity and genuine desire to leverage technology to achieve maximum result.  
PROAPTIV is different from other services organizations in three key ways:

PROAPTIV’S Core Project Philosophy

PROAPTIV’S Core Project Philosophy

We’re selective in the projects we engage to ensure we’re always a catalyst for the clients we serve.We manage the skill development of our team according to our Technical Leadership Model to ensure that our technical experts continually grow and expand their technical acumen to benefit our clients.Each member of our team follows our Mission Support Model to proactively serve our clients as a trusted resource, to develop valuable domain and client experience, and to identify ways to continually exceed expectations in the engagements we work.

PROAPTIV has deep expertise and past performance qualifications in the following areas:

  1. Enterprise Systems Engineering & Integration
  2. Tactical Systems Engineering
  3. Network Engineering
  4. Software Engineering
  5. Information Systems Management